MS290 Electrical connection column

Item no. MG41407325

MS290 Electrical connection column
consisting of:

  • Side panels
  • Mounting plate and back cover
  • lockable door with bar lock, incl. sash lock
  • Upper end cover
  • Base plate for mounting on every solid underground
  • incl. mounting material
  • incl. equipotential bonding

Dimensions: 290x314x1400mm (WxDxH)
Color: silver
Material: Aluminum, anodized E6/EV1
Ingress protection: IP44
Protection class: I

4 x Protective contact socket 16A 2P+E 230V
1 x CEE 16A 5P 400V
1 x CEE 32A 5P 400V
1 x CEE 63A 5P 400V
4 x MCB 16A C 1P
1 x MCB 16A C 3P
1 x MCB 32A C 3P
1 x RCD 63/0,03A 4P
1 x RCD 63/0,3A 4P
2 x LS MCB C 3P (back-up fuse RCD)
1 x Drinking water connection 1/2″

Item no. MG10020001
Ground element