company history

2023 Assumption of management by Timm Ungerer

2022 Publication of the new corporate marketing performance

2018 Development of the “tree sleeve” and “compact underfloor distributor” products

2017 Assumption of management by Alexander Klenk

2016 Reloaction of the sales and production facilities to Gaildorf, Germany

2015 Addition of stainless steel products to the product portfolio

2013 Integration of the company into the PCE Group

2010 Development of the “TerraMo” product type

1998 Expansion of production capacity at the Schönwald site

1990 Development of Europe-wide distribution

1988 Development of retractable supply posts for municipal use

1986 Development of the first retractable connection units

1985 Renaming of the company to MOSER SYSTEMELEKTRIK

1975 Development of the first connection columns

1965 Founding of the engineering office under Herbert Moser

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