Underfloor distributor with hinged cover

Item no. M5046000003

SEK60 Underfloor distributor with hinged cover

Retractable and drivable
underfloor connection for an installation
flush to the floor in halls and open areas,
walk and driveable while the unit is in use.

  • solid construction made of stainless steel
  • paveable cover
  • Load capacity of the cover 12.5t
    compliant to DIN EN 124 – B125
  • Cable outlet flap to close
    the distributor during operation
  • Lifting mechanism: Two gas springs
  • Locking by closing system
    incl. Operating key
  • M10 threaded connection for connecting the
    grounding outside
  • Cable bushings KT4 provided for two supply cables (Ø 14-68mm)

Dimensions: 680x480x650mm (LxWxD)
Dimensions visible cover: approx. 600x400mm (LxW)
Weight: approx. 65kg
Ingress protection: IP54
Protection class: I

Empty housing – without equipment

Item no. MO950300216
SEK Operating key

Item no. M5040000000
SEK Cover heating