SE30 Retractable supply post with spindle drive

Item no. M5033110280

SE30 Retractable supply post

Retractable, driveable, VDE compliant
Electrical connection and distribution column for
mounting flush to the ground in halls and open areas,
consisting of:

  • Load bearing concrete pit compliant to DIN 1045-B35
  • Load capacity of the cover 40t compliant to DIN EN 124 – D400
  • Pit insert
  • Device column
  • Electrical equipment modules
  • Cable connection module KAM
  • Cable bushing KDF
  • Crank handle

Dimensions: 795x610x885mm (HxWxL)
Weight: approx. 630kg
Ingress protection: IP44 Sockets / IP54 Distributors
Protection class: I

3 x Protective contact socket 16A 2P+E 230V
1 x CEE 16A 3P 230V
1 x CEE 16A 5P 400V
4 x MCB 16A C 1P
1 x MCB 16A C 3P
1 x MCB 32A C 3P
2 x RCD 63/0,03A 4P

Item no. MO950300018
Crank handle