FAQ´S connection columns

Are the columns applicable for in- and outside areas?

Suitable are: MS10 / MSR12 / MS15 / MS18 / MSR20 / MS290

All columns with closed profile made out of aluminum are applicable for the outside area as long as they are equipped with splashproof devices. In addition is our Marina- and Camping column MS290 available with door.

Which devices (brands and types) can be equipped?

Our columns are generally prepared for the equipment of commercial standard device.
The office columns MS08 and MS240 are the only exceptions.
These are prepared for the equipment of B-Mobil (Integro) from the company Berker.

Are the columns equipable on both sides?

Besides the stated standards, it is possible to equip all columns on both sides, except the round columns MSR12, MSDR12, MSR20.

Which heights and shapes of the columns are feasible?

Besides the stated heights in the documents we also offer special heights. The ceiling connection system can go up to 6 meters. The columns are quoted in rectangular and round design.

FAQ´S underground connection

Do we get an order confirmation after the assignment?

Yes! A few days after we have received your order, we will send you an order confirmation. This confirmation includes the technical description of the retractable supply post (incl. circuit diagram (3P), the technical data and an installation guide.

What is included in the delivery of a retractable supply post?

The delivery includes the following items:
1 x crank handle
1 x rope loop acting as stop bars for cranes
1 x installation manual

On request you will receive a declaration of conformity and the test certificates.

Is there the possibility to connect the retractable supply posts to different networks than to the ones, which are mentioned in the documents?

Yes! After technical clarification we prepare the wiring of the ordered retractable supply post for the requested network configuration (TN-C, TN-S or TT-system).