Maintenance Service

The VDE prescribes urgently returning checks after VDE 0105 (part 1) for the preservation of the proper condition of electric arrangements.

Save costs and ensure the long-standing preservation of your investment:
Use a complete system of Moser Systemelektrik!

Since 2001 we offer a nationwide maintenance service for Moser underground technology:
Within the scope of a service contract the complete mechanical effectiveness of the underground technology is checked rotational and wearing parts are exchanged in time. Also the electric repetition check after VDE 0105 (part 1) to the preservation of the proper condition of electric arrangements is a component of the servicing service. We manufacture generally to the German Institute for Standardization VDE 0100 (part 600), first check of electric arrangements.

If the maintenance brings the result that a repair has to be arranged or spare parts must be exchanged, it will be finished directly, if possible and after your approval. Thereby you can save separate travel times and travel expenses.

Moreover, we offer a personal installation, with which your staff can learn the right handling with the construction.
For a surprising low price you receive servicing and personnel installation directly from the manufacturer.