Product advantages

The new generation of Moser pit systems

As one of Europe‘s market leaders in the field of in-ground systems we are trail-blazers in the development of airport equipment.
We have completely revised our pit systems and for example have replaced the aluminium which we previously used with stainless steel for all load-bearing parts and have implemented a new safety concept. Choose the latest generation of Moser pit systems for a successful future!


Quality made in Germany

Our pit systems are high quality products made in Germany. Continuous development work and innovations ensure state of the art equipment.



Cost-saving use of resources

You save time and money. The necessary connections are always available on site, ready to use. The carefully thought out equipment makes our pits extremely easy to look after, with low maintenance and a long service life. The closed pit systems make optimal use of the available space possible, as ground staff can enter them and they support vehicle weights of up to 40 tons.


Intelligent, modular structure for custom designs

As we develop, manufacture and install, we can offer you the maximum possible freedom. The carefully thought out, modular structure of our pit systems enables items to be variably installed on two sides, which Moser can freely configure to meet your needs. There is also another benefit to this. It is always possible to add new items or to reconfigure.



Your convenient all-in-one solution.

Moser pit systems are completed by system shafts. These are monolithic concrete chambers (from a single cast) to be installed in the ground which accommodate the equipment columns. As a material, concrete has significant advantages where the control of moisture is concerned. On request, we can also cast the system shaft directly on site. This means that we are always your direct contact for the entire installation.