MOSER connection columns

Outside area

Whether in gardens, gate entrances, marinas or on camping sites, the weatherproof units from rectangular or semicircular aluminum profiles are an optical and practical enrichment in every area.

Supply towers for the perfect outside area and garden. Our supply towers give you freedom to enjoy life in your garden and areas directly outside your home – water and electricity flexibly in the garden – dry and comfortable handling of gate and garage driveways.

Special for the use in humid environment such as harbor facilities and swimming pools we have arranged for you an unbeatable program. The sturdy and versatile energy suppliers for electricity and fresh water connections are splash-proof and corrosion-resistant. Additional safety is offered by lockable doors and orientation lights.

Inside area:

The floor- and ceiling connection columns are a contemporary solution for the demands of the modern professional life. Either in industrial halls as well as in elegant offices, these energy columns are the functional filling stat

Versatile energy suppliers for machines, laboratories and processing systems. Our versatile and solid energy columns respond to constantly growing demand of different media. Even complicated supply obligations  can be managed discreetly in the background and provide a tidy and regular appearance of your production environments..

By the modern and elegant design the connection columns adjust to the equipment of working places and are furthermore a functional eye-catcher. Practice-oriented operating heights and secure anchorage to the ground ensure functionality and safety.

By the supply from the ceiling or floor the ceiling columns are independent of wall and location when they get installed and mounted. Thanks to according screw- and clam attachments the columns can be perfectly mounted stable and safe also on angular ceilings or visible- and intermediate ceilings.

Moser ceiling columns are the ideal power supplier for clean rooms. They can be cleaned easy and thorough. Laminar-airflow remains unobstructed. They enable an efficient and relaxed work. Power supply occurs either from the ceiling or from the floor. They can be easy inserted also later.