Product advantages

  • „Made in Germany“
    Our connection columns are high-quality products “Made in Germany”, and are developed and configured to meet the requirements of the customer. Not only continuous development but also innovations ensure that our products remain state-of-the-art.

  • „Versatile and individual“
    Versatile and individual supply solution thanks to provision of electricity, water, gas, compressed air and communication technology directly at the required position.

  • „Everything from a single source“
    Allround-service – from the consulting and planning to the delivery.

  • Weather-resistant, splash-proof and solid
    Made out of saltwater resistant, wind – and weather-proofed aluminum profiles with corresponding cover and foot plate made out of aluminum.

  • Space saving:
    Installation of the slim and vertical light metal columns directly on the place of installation without any required walls.

  • Modern:
    Optical addition through timeless and elegant design for all environments.

  • Flexible and easy mounting:
    Complete ready-to-install units, including matching attachment to the floor, are easy to screw up and down.

  • High capacity:
    Versatile and different equipment on up to 4 sides ensure consumer-oriented and flexible utilization.

  • High safety standards:
    For the proper and safe connection and the protection on location the devices offer place for terminal blocks, circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers.