In many production halls, warehouses and assembly halls the predefined working place with its supply pipelines is displaced by a production which depends on orders and which is liable to quick change of charge.

Connection columns retracted in the ground for current, data interface, water etc. which can be lifted out of the ground when they are needed by a few turns. This enables a contemporary flexibility. If the device column is retracted, machines, vehicles and facilities have a free space to operate.

The direct supply to the working place by surface cablings and cable guides


Retractable supply posts are not only lucrative for the industry. Also the supply of market places, exhibition halls and congress halls will be more cost-efficient. Distribution boxes which are installed on the surface are often damaged by vandalism or by accidents and have to be exchanged. It is in the responsibility of the municipal authority to provide the energy supply for each market-day.

The retractable connection column in contrast is driven out only when required, is moved otherwise from the traffic and is thus protected. Also the access is flexible and independent of municipal staff.

The market suppliers and trade fair responsible persons need only a crank handle, and the retractable supply post is ready for use.

Apart from the economic components also the prevention of surfacely cable channels and the resulting safety for pedestrians, children and handicapped persons indicates for the underground technology. The flexibly utilizing space and the invisible storage enable energy supply also by lack of space as well flexible utilization concepts and provide a harmonious cityscape.


Thanks to the existing “know-how” and the constant enhancements, MOSER SYSTEMELEKTRIK has developed a product range of retractable supply posts which are suitable for airports. The retractable supply posts for airports are equipped with the latest technique within the range of the supply in halls or on the apron.