Our competence for your advantage

Since 1988 MOSER SYSTEMELEKTRIK offers retractable supply posts. Over 10.000 units of MOSER-retractable supply posts have been applied until today. Multitudinous companies, municipalities and cities use the extensive “know-how” and the big variety of types.

  • „Made in Germany“
    With our retractable supply posts you have a high class quality product made in Germany which has been developed and configured under the dictum of customer orientation. Continuous development and innovation guarantees units with a technique state-of-the-art.

  • “Mature technology for more than 20 years”
    Our spindle-lifting mechanism is in use for more than 20 years thanks to its indestructible and robust execution. Furthermore it has a mechanical adjustment of height.

  • “Dry inside”
    The inimitable drainage system “dry inside”, which protects sustainable the internal electric of the devices as well as all connections against humidity, is not a luxury but a matter of course.

  • “Maximum safety”
    Maximum safety through mark of conformity by VDE and EC-identification.

  • “Air conditioning”
    Conditioned concrete shaft with inbuilt heating system for a dry inside space.

  • “Multi-purpose and individual”
    Multi-purpose and individual solution of energy supply by appropriation of electricity, water, gas, compressed air and communication technique directly where it is needed.

  • “Protection against vandalism”
    Our retractable supply posts are applicable for public places as they sunk in the ground invisible and protected against vandalism.

  • “ Quick utilization”
    Quick and demand-oriented utilization : lift, plug, done.

  • “Low operation costs”
    Low operation costs through low maintenance efforts, there is no need for market staff or specialized personnel, easy care.

  • “Adjustment to the surface”
    Free choice of the adjustment to the surface – also suitable for historical places. The cover of the retractable supply post can be paved individually.

  • “Weather resistant”
    Air conditioned shaft, drainage system and heating system enable a failure-free usage during any weather.

  • “No reduction of space”
    Walkable and drivable during retracted position.

  • “Easy handling”
    Easy and effortless handling without big exertion.

  • “Full service”
    Full service : started with counseling and planning ended with installation instruction and maintenance.