The applications of the retractable supply post with hatch cover are exceedingly various.


In many production halls, warehouses and assembly halls the predefined working places with its supply pipelines is displaced by a production which depends on orders and which is liable to quick change of charge.

Connection columns retracted in the ground for current, data interface, water etc. which can be opened and plugged when they are needed enables a modern flexibility. Even in a plugged condition, machines, vehicles and facilities have a free space to operate.

Market places, fairgrounds and pedestrian areas.

Supply boxes which are mounted on the surface are often affected by damages or vandalism and have to be exchanged. On each market day the responsible person of the municipality has to provide the supply of energy.

The retractable supply post with hatch cover will be only connected if there is a request. In plugged condition and during non-use it is retracted in the ground and out of the danger zone. Also the access is flexible and independent of the urban personal. The market vendor or the responsible person for the fair only need a key and the retractable supply post with hatch cover is ready for operation. The flexible use of space and the invisible “storage” enables a supply of energy if shortage of space is given. Furthermore flexible use concepts provide a harmonic cityscape.

Historical and landmarked places

Thanks to the paved cover, the retractable supply post with hatch cover suits to each surrounding.

Even if it is in use the retractable supply post is invisible and the harmonic cityscape won’t be disturbed. For that reason the retractable supply posts with hatch pit are suitable in a perfect way for historic and landmarked places.