Your partner for modern and sustainable connection technology in the range of indoor and outdoor

For more than 40 years MOSER is one of the leading companies in the range of underground systems and connection columns. According to continuous redevelopments the product range has been extended and comprises nowadays a complete high quality program of connection technology from the workplace in the office to the industry.

From 1967 to 1975 MOSER expanded its business field with electric installation and developed the first connection columns. In 1985 supply posts followed. This technique has been improved until 1988 so MOSER could present as the first company worldwide its retractable connection technology, which is suitable for the urban use and also for applications in the aviation industry in an outstanding way.

From 2013 Moser Systemelektrik GmbH is a company of the PCE Group and organizationally attributed to the MERZ GMBH as a sub company.